Skinning The Frontier: Star Frontiers Stats to 4th Edition D&D – Feats

April 6, 2011 by deadorcs


Welcome back, to another exciting offering of  “Skinning The Frontier”!  This month, I’m offering up the feats that I intended to use for the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons re-skinning of Star Frontiers.

I won’t make this a long post, as the list of feats is attached in the form of a PDF file.  Before I go any further, how about I get that link for you RIGHT NOW.

Star Frontiers Feats


As you peruse the list, let me give you a couple notes to keep in mind.

1)  The lists of feats is taken almost exclusively from the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Rules.  Feats that had funny names (but cool effects) were renamed something more “friendly” to Star Frontiers. These changes are noted in the PDF.

2)  Feats for Implements were left out altogether as there are no rules for Implements in this Star Frontiers rule set.

3) Some feats had to be created specifically for the Star Frontiers Universe. These feats are noted in the PDF as “Original Feat”.

And that’s all there is to it!  In the upcoming posts, you’ll be getting the final bits of information to enable you to play a COMPLETE GAME OF 4E STAR FRONTIERS!  Yes, I’m a little excited about that.   Mainly, this will be information on equipment, so be sure you stay tuned!

This Is My Game — Deadorcs Out



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