Product Spotlight: Claymancers Dice Sprites!

May 10, 2012 by deadorcs

So…sometime in January, I was contacted by Devon “Stark” Davis from a little shop in Washington State called Claymancers. I had seen their offerings in passing on the internet, but didn’t really know a lot about them. Out of the blue on Twitter, Stark asked if I, along with Tracy (@SarahDarkmagic) and Tracy (@TheOtherTracy) would like Dice Sprites of our very own. We were flattered and of course all said, “Yes Please!”.

Claymancers (a dynamic duo of an art team composed of Maranda Cromwell & Devon Davis) does a handmade product called Dice Sprites. Each of these unique sculptures is designed to be a companion to your dice at the gaming table. Whether you want to hold a d6 or a d20, your Dice Sprite will faithfully (and sometimes cleverly) guard your die until it’s ready for use. Claymancers was generous enough to either let us pick one out from their Etsy Site, or to Custom Order one. While I probably shouldn’t have been so quick to take advantage of their generosity, I had to choose a custom Sprite.

I chose a custom Sprite because I have a character that has a Fairy companion. Marcella sort of looks after Martin’s office, and makes sure he receives the jobs he’s supposed to do (Martin is an Assassin). Because the Fairy character is based upon Joan Cusack’s role (in the movie, Grosse Pointe Blank), I wanted a Sprite that captured the essence of that character.

It did take quite awhile for my Dice Sprite to come in (remember, this one was a custom job), but it was WELL worth the wait. My Dice Sprite captured the essence of Marcella in a most remarkable way. The eyes were perfect, her arms are folded with a mild disdain, and her tail is even carrying a little red folder with the initials “M.B.” inscribed on it. Here are a couple of poorly lit images that hopeful show her off as she sits on my laptop.












Those pictures really don’t do her justice. My buddy Sam (@DMSamuel) over at RPG Musings wrote a nice review of the Dice Sprites he purchased back in August. For some better pictures of what to expect, you can see those HERE.

The verdict? If you’re looking for a cute way to display your die (dice) and enjoy Devon & Maranda’s sculptural stylings, then I highly recommend picking up a Dice Sprite (or three) from Claymancers. They’ll make a great impression at the table.


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